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 "What's Respect-Focused Therapy Got to Do With It?"
    A World of Respect Seminar


"What’s Respect-Focused Therapy Got To Do With It?" presents a new respectful approach to working with clients. Susanne Slay-Westbrook, a TX Board approved LPC provider of Continuing Education and approved Supervisor for both LPC and MFT, emphasizes Respect-Focused Therapy in her work. This style and focus in therapy she has developed over the last 28 years of her practice. In short, it means that Respect is PRIMARY in both style and substance and remains front and central throughout the therapeutic process as well as being a primary theme in the dialog with clients.

This course teaches a new perspective regarding the practice of therapy specifically focused on respect, both in terms of defining the nature of the therapist-client relationship and setting the thematic orientation of therapeutic process. The emphasis of this presentation is to help therapists establish and maintain healthy respectful relationships with their clients in order to help them learn or relearn the value and skills of being respectful of themselves in relationships, family, community and the world at large. In all contexts, respect is understood to be essential for healthy functionality for any system.


* Understanding the definition of respect and how it applies to the therapeutic process.

* Comprehending the differences between respect and fear and why that’s important.

* Understanding the interaction of perception, attitude and action in the process of respect.

* Understanding the significance of self-respect as it relates to morality, integrity and spirituality as well as relating to others.

* Understanding the profound impact respect makes on the level of functionality of any system.

 This workshop is especially designed for therapists, counselors and social workers, but anyone interested is welcome.

Our hope is to share our insights to help reduce conflict, violence, apathy, discord, rudeness, prejudice, bullying and abuse. Simply put we hope to contribute ways to raise our standards of respect at work and in our every day lives to make it a richer and deeper experience for us all.



This course, as well as other workshops, can be brought to your location- business, church, non-profit etc.  Susanne helps groups and organizations gain a better understanding of what it means to treat others with respect and dignity. Popular presentation topics include:
    * Gaining Self Respect
    * Finding Respect in Business and the Workplace
    * Teaching Respect in Schools
    * Understanding Respect in Places of Worship
    * Understanding Respect in the Community
    * Learning to Respect Other Cultures

She also customizes motivational speeches and speaks on a variety of mental health issues to fit the needs of your company, organization or group.

Contact her to learn more about her seminars and how she can customize them to meet your group or organizational needs.

New Ethics CEU Course for therapists is now available!


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